Giving shape to ideas

Raymond Gilford is a solutions-oriented graphic designer with over 20 years of experience creating and modifying art for display advertisements and other print projects.

Design is a collaborative effort. Solutions are best reached
by working with people to create what they want.

I tend to look at my field as something similar to the work of an engineer. Engineers use rules of thumb to solve problems. As a designer I also use a set of heuristics to develop solutions for my clients.

My skills include layout and design of display advertisements; image prep. and development using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. My approach is to become as familiar as possible with what you do and your needs. Then assemble a set of workable options.

A little anecdotal moment in my life:
One of my proudest moments was 8 years ago at a party. I was talking with another guest who is a mechanical engineer. His wife was walking by and overheard part of our discussion and came over to meet me. Then she asked me what I do and when I told her I was a shift lead (at the time) at a newspaper, she said to her husband, “Oh. I thought you found another engineer to talk to.”

If you’d like to explore options for print or online images, or to develop ideas for promoting your business, I am available by email, text, or phone.


The design of this website is an outgrowth of my business cards. The color scheme is from the swatch pallet library in Adobe Illustrator and is called “Islam.” I chose it because it has a shade of blue I like along with several complementary colours.

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